The First Two Weeks Back

18th September 2015

As we approach the end of our first two weeks back, after the summer break, the school has quickly returned to normal.

Year 7 have settled in well and lessons have settled down with pupils making a very positive start to the new school year.

This week we have been welcoming year 6 pupils and their parents as they consider secondary transfer. Over 100 visitors have attended our Open Mornings.

Wednesday 23rd September is our Year 6 Open Evening, one of the most important events in the school calendar.

I will be in school tomorrow morning, Saturday 19th September, to welcome parents who are unable to make our other open events.

Greenhouse Sports continue to offer fantastic opportunities for our pupils and this term we welcome Maria Ingles as our new Head Coach, although she has worked at Raine’s for many years.

Please have a look at this video clip which is a summary of their work last year