Raine’s Dancers Dazzle The Audience At St. Paul’s Cathedral

23rd January 2017

Raine's dancers dazzle the audience at St Paul's cathedral

This was a special service to celebrate the Family of schools within the London Diocesan Board and 35 years of service to the Board by our Chair of Governors Liz Wolverson. 150 schools  took part in a special celebration  at St Pauls on Friday 20th January. Mr Hullett the Headteacher was accompanied by year 7 prefects in an audience of nearly 1500.

Ms Wolverson had requested that Raine's students perform so 13 of Raine's students across all years danced in front of an amazed audience. Edward Turner from year 13 played the guitar for the dance.

photo credits: Graham Lacdao at St Paul’s Cathedral