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Founders Day

On the 28th of September this year our brand new Year 7’s celebrated ‘Founder’s Day’.  Founder’s Day, as its name suggests encourages students to look back in time at the life of our esteemed founder Henry Raine.


The afternoon was spent at St George in the East Church where the tomb of Henry Raine has pride of place.  There was a church service led by Father Chris including songs and readings from students.  After the service all students and staff paid their respects at the tomb of Henry Raine.  Father Chris said a prayer and a reef was laid by students.


This event is held every year and is a great way of ensuring the good work of Henry Raine is not forgotten.  This year was the first time students had attended ‘Founders Day’ in our new, improved school uniform.


Big jump in GCSE results

We are pleased with the performance of our Year 11 students. The results show a substantial improvement on last year. GCSE Maths passes increasing by 23% and the overall English and Maths increasing by 18%.

Despite the changes to the grading system in English and Maths a number of students achieved the highest levels. Some of our top performing students were Jada Baron, Khadijah Bint Ahad, Anisa Rahman and Guste Babicevaite who achieved 26 A*/A grades between them.

This shows what can be achieved through hard work and determination. We will be working hard with the new Year 11 students to ensure they do even better next year.

Well done to all staff and students.


Raine’s Sixth Form Students Do Well

Top grades (A*-C) this year are at 74% ensuring that more of our students than ever are able to go to the university of their choice. This coupled with outstanding vocational results which has seen 64% of entries at Distinction or Distinction* grades means that Raine’s Sixth Form has indeed proved that it is an excellent Sixth form centre for pupils of all backgrounds to make great progress and achieve their best.


We would like to congratulate all our students for their hard work and their well-deserved results and look forward to hearing about their future successes.


Creative Arts Celebration



Year 11 Easter Revision

Subject Week 1 Time Staff
Mathematics Tuesday 4th April
Wednesday 5th April
Mr. Finn
English Thursday 6th April,
Friday 7th April
Ms. Clough
English Thursday 6th April,
Friday 7th April
Ms. Atikinson
Sociology Thursday 6th April 10.00-12.30 Ms. Adams
Graphics Tuesday 4th April
Wednesday 5th April
Ms. Kevric
ICT Monday 3rd April
Tuesday 4th April
Wednesday 5th April
Ms. Nwaeze
Science Friday 7th April 13:00-15:30 Ms. Moyo
Subject Week 2 Time Staff
Mathematics Wednesday 12th April
Thursday 13th April
Mr. Finn
Science Monday 10th April
Tuesday 11th April
Wednesday 12th April
Thursday 13th April
Ms. Moyo
Mr. Williams
Graphics Tuesday 11th April
Wednesday 12th April
Ms. Kevric
English Thursday 13th April 10.30-12.30 Mr. Leighton


Fundraising for St Joseph

Fundraising for St Joseph by Debra Hudson the Librarian at Raine’s

I took up the challenge of introducing a whole school initiative to raise funds for St Joseph’s Hospice in Hackney after experiencing first hand their brilliant work when my aunt sadly passed away there last summer.

I had noticed that our student’s held little importance or regard to small change, so with the help of all staff who donated jars I set about making sure there was one jar in every class for students to place their small change into. Other staff then set up bake sales and non-school uniform donations and this all helped to raise even more money. Today I received our school total a massive £586.52.

Thank you to everyone who donated, especially the students that brought their own penny collections from home. I hope students now realise that every penny truly does count. 



Raine’s Art Installation

Year 8 students working with artists from Bow arts have worked on a project to brighten up the front entrance to the school.

The Head of art Ms Khanoum was delighted with the final piece and said students at Raine’s are very talented.

This was a joint community project supported by Allen and Overy.

The art installation was opened on Tuesday 28th February by the Chair of governors Liz Wolverson, Headteacher Mr Hullett, staff, parents and pupils from year 8.



Raine’s Students Meet Jacqueline Wilson

As part of World book day organised by Tower Hamlets Library service children’s author Jacqueline Wilson hosted a large audience at York hall on Thursday 2nd March.

Raine’s librarian Ms Hudson took a group of Raine’s students and they were able to meet her and get signed copies of her book. Jacqueline commented at the end, on what a great audience they were and that she thoroughly enjoyed the event herself.  



The Kite Runner

On Thursday 12th January, the A2 & AS Drama and Theatre Studies classes went to see ‘The Kite Runner’ at the Wyndham’s Theatre. The students were moved by the story itself and were really impressed with how the cast of talented actors brought to life this incredible tale of love, friendship, tragedy, deceit and redemption. The students were also impressed with the way the whole production was put together and learned a great deal from the lighting, staging, proxemics and sound effects. After the show, the students were lucky enough to meet the lead actor – Ben Turner, who gave them a tour of the set and discussed with them in the theatre’s green room about his approach to the character ‘Amir’. A wonderful experience all round!



2016-17 School Council and Prefects

Congratulations to the newly elected Student Council for 2016-17!

Year 7 – Tayo (7F) & Janet (7F)

Year 8 – Michael (8F) & Joella (8F)

Year 9 – Jawaad (9M) & Amy (9A)

Year 10 – Luke (10M) & Anastasia (10F)

Year 11 – Imaani (11S) & Naomi (11S)


Student Name Year Group
Ianne Year 7
Christ Year 7
Nicolle Year 7
Ajifatou Year 7
Harley Year 7
Tayo Year 7
Hunnie Year 7
Andre Year 7
Paul Year 7
Alicia Year 7
Zakariyya Year 8
Annastasia Year 8
Emma Year 8
Holly-Bo Year 8
Alisha Year 8
Woody Year 8
Nafatiti Year 8
Flavia Year 8
Daniel-Richy Year 8
Amy Year 9
Jaynath Year 9
Jada Year 9
Jack Year 9
Inayah Year 9
Harry Year 9
Lamonte Year 9
Rubina Year 9
Ardi Year 9
Jahrel Year 9
Zainab Year 10
Betty Year 10
Luke Year 10
Kian Year 10
Shyanne Year 10
Luke Year 10
Simran Year 10
Chloe Year 10
Max Year 10
Pedro Year 10
Kelly Year 11
Paige Year 11
Khadija Year 11
Salma Year 11
Arminas Year 11
Ronnie Year 11
Jada Year 11
Victor Year 11
Macy Year 11
Anisa Year 11




Raine’s Dancers Dazzle The Audience At St. Paul’s Cathedral

Raine's dancers dazzle the audience at St Paul's cathedral

This was a special service to celebrate the Family of schools within the London Diocesan Board and 35 years of service to the Board by our Chair of Governors Liz Wolverson. 150 schools  took part in a special celebration  at St Pauls on Friday 20th January. Mr Hullett the Headteacher was accompanied by year 7 prefects in an audience of nearly 1500.

Ms Wolverson had requested that Raine's students perform so 13 of Raine's students across all years danced in front of an amazed audience. Edward Turner from year 13 played the guitar for the dance.

photo credits: Graham Lacdao at St Paul’s Cathedral



Trip to CERN

On Tuesday 10th January, a group of Raine's finest physicists, chemists, biologists, mathematicians and sociologists went to visit The Large Hadron Collider at CERN on the Swiss - French border at Geneva. It stands for The European Council for Nuclear Research; although it primarily looks at particle physics, it has received a lot of prominence in recent years, particularly for the discovery of the 'Higgs-Bosun' particle.

The visit was to see the impact CERN has on their respective fields, such as: for the physicist, chemist and biologist, the possibility of how matter, life and existence came about, the mathematicians saw the dynamics and engineering of the 27km collider and for the sociologist, the ethics of the current research at CERN. The group of 11 students started the day looking around CERN's microcosm with the speed and direction of hydrogen atoms, the focus of their attention; these particles reach speeds close to that of light, before colliding in the giant detectors. They saw how the scientists at CERN collect their information at ALICE, a detector which found the Higgs-Bosun particle. Higgs-Bosun was a 'missing link' and helps to explain why everything has mass. The ALICE detector weighs as much as 100 Boeing 747 aeroplanes and has 1,800 miles of cable.

 Having lunch at CERN's canteen was an honourable experience, to be able to sit next to, and talk to scientists at CERN about their work was enjoyable for the students, as they were able to see the daily life of a research physicist. After lunch, the students attended a lecture on the history, layout, experiments and funding behind CERN. Learning that you do not need to be a scientist to experiment there, as there was currently a PhD music student experimenting with different sounds created at CERN It seems we all contribute to CERN in one way or another, whether we are physicists or not.

We needed to fly back to London, but not before a quick snow extravaganza. The snow then, thankfully stopped mid-afternoon, and we arrived back at Raines around 8.30pm -  we were all tired but it had been a worthwhile and enjoyable experience - but we were in school the next day, ready to carry on learning.




Sports Awards 2016

On Thursday 15th December the Raine’s Physical Education department held the inaugural Raine’s Sports Awards. The event was an opportunity for the PE and Sports Team to recognise the outstanding achievements and attitude of the many many students who regularly make a positive contribution to sport at Raine’s.
The highlight of the evening was ex-Raine’s student and current Arsenal and England midfielder Charlotte Devlin giving out the award to Liam and Luan Perote Veras for extra-curricular excellence. Liam and Luan were given this award for representing the school and their country for Karate at numerous International events.
London Lions Captain Joe Ikhinmwim made a guest appearance and gave Raine’s students a motivational speech about working hard to achieve their dreams. The Lions Captain gave the prestigious Sports Personality of Year award to Shakeem Giwa and Jaynath Ahmed for their excellence in Basketball and Table tennis. This award was decided by students and teachers who unanimously decided that Shakeem and Jaynath were worthy winners.
Raine’s Basketball Head Coach Laurent Irish awarded Shakeem Giwa with a gold Basketball to recognise his dedication, commitment and excellence in Basketball.
See below for a full list of awards:
Table tennis
Best attitude – Isaac Warren
Best Performance – Michael Brown
Most hard working – Mehmet Aynal
Fair Play – Ardi Beqiri
Best Newcomer – Emmanuel Odunayo
Volunteer of the year – Nathan O’Toole
Best Serve – Nathan O’Toole


Boy Defensive player of the year – Recce Austrie Gayle
Boy Offensive player of the year – Omeke Jennings
Boy Most improved player of the year – Bernard Badu-Boateng
Boy Best attitude of the year award – Jahrel Morgan - Hardware
Girl Defensive player of the year – Anyah Hussain
Girl Offensive player of the year – Renee palmer
Girl Most improved player of the year – Paige Nunn
Girl Best attitude of the year Award - Flavia Co

Defensive player of the year – Aleem Oliviere
Offensive player of the year – George Breen
Most improved player of the year – Jamie Mcnab
Best attitude of the year award – Rico Masouras
Girl Defensive player of the year – Crystal Raybe
Girl Offensive player of the year – Lauren Casey
Girl Most improved player of the year – Mya Reid
Girl Best attitude of the year award - Macey Daly

Positive attitude in their chosen sport = Lauren Casey
Excellence in their chosen sport = Emma Dexter Smith
Most improvement in their chosen sport = Lewis Higgins

Positive attitude in their chosen sport = Gabija Vaitekunaite
Excellence in their chosen sport = Paige Doherty
Most improvement in their chosen sport = Precious Owamagbe

Sports Captains
KS3 Sports Captains Girl – Renee Palmer
KS3 Sports Captains Boy – Ashley Russell

KS4 Sports Captains Girl – Brooke O Conner
KS4 Sports Captains Boy – Rico Masouras

KS5 Sports Captains Girl – Darcey Houston
KS5 Sports Captains Boy – Nathan O’Toole

The next Sports Awards will be held in July 2017.


English Schools East London Team Championships

On Monday we hosted the English Schools Championships here at Raine’s. Over 180 competitors with their coaches packed into the sports hall. From Raine’s we entered teams in the U13, U16 & U19 Boys categories and the U16 girl’s category. The teams performed well throughout the day and the standard was very high.

U16 Girls – Gold Medal Winner - (Jaynath, Sacha, Lamonte, Lauren & Jada) Our U16 Girls exceeded expectations and came away winners. I’m really happy for them because all their hard work and hours of training has gained them Gold!

U16 Boys – Silver Medal Winners - (Naequan, Shavain, Shaun D & Kian) These boys battled all the way to the final, with some tough matches on the way. Competing against some of the best players in the country, some of who play in the highest leagues.

U19 – Silver Medal Winners - (Nathan, Shaun, Mayowa, Samuel & Ardi) Again a really competitive day for this U19s team – but they proved they can compete with the best in East London.

U13 Boys – Michael, Isaac, Mehmet & Emmanuel O Unfortunately it was not their day. Their first really big competition and their nerves got the better of them. They got to the ¼ finals and were knocked out. These boys have put in a huge amount of hours and have trained tirelessly for this competition. I was disappointed for them but proud of the way they battled all the way to the end.

Well done to all the teams. I am extremely proud of the way they played and the way they represented Raine’s. Looking forward to the Individual competition which I sure will see them compete against each other!

Please congratulate them for their effort and hard work if you see them.


The Woman In Black

As part of our Year 11 GCSE Drama exam, we went on a trip to the Fortune Theatre to see the Women in Black. The play is about a man whose wife and child is killed by the Woman in Black as an act of revenge. The Woman in Black kills children because she is a loving mother who is in mourning for her son and haunts Eel Marsh House (the house where her son died) and anyone who interferes with it. The class and I really loved the play because it explores a range of different lighting & sounds and is full of climatic moments which leaves you on the edge of your seat questioning who will be her next victim......????

By Caitlin Lawrence


Careers In Theatre

In November, my GCSE drama class went to the Half Moon Theatre for a ‘Careers in Theatre’ experience. There were two other schools that took part along with a range of theatre professionals from the industry. When we arrived all of us took park in a series of warm-ups which helped us to settle in to the theatre and get to know one another. We were then split into groups - there were 5 groups 1.)Design, they took care of building the set 2.)Acting, they performed and wrote the script 3.)Sound, they created all the sound effects for the play 4.) Lighting, they put together all the lighting for the play 5.) Stage managers, they organized, watched over and managed each of the groups.

The area I was involved in was stage management and I enjoyed it, it was so rewarding to see the play at the end and say “I helped to make that”, the most challenging part for us was working around deadline because we had to be ready for a dress rehearsal at 4pm which meant all groups had to be ready. Overall and I think I speak for everyone when I say that our Careers in Theatre trip was a magical experience and I hope that next year 10 class can have the same wonderful opportunity.

By Stella Benjamin (Year 10)


Change Challenge

Does your small change weigh you down? Well now you can put it to good use! Our Change Challenge is simple, all you need is an empty container, a little imagination and one of our sticker sheets to really make your change collector look the part.

You can use anything from a coffee jar, an ice cream tub, an old tin, a bowl or go one step further and make your own from papier mache or clay! Once you have decorated it with our stickers it will have pride of your place in your house, in your office or anywhere else that will help get those coins flowing in!

You don't have to do this on your own - you can challenge your friends to see who has the best change collector.  Make it a team effort.


Change Challenge | St Joseph's Hospice


Raine’s rewarded by Royalty

Raine’s Foundation School was well represented at the Tower Hamlets Duke of Edinburgh ceremony

On Thursday 10th November. The Headteacher Mr Hullett and Duke of Edinburgh school leader Ms Venn were accompanied by Raine’s students. A range of students were present with Sixth formers who have completed their Gold award as well as year 10 students who have successfully completed their Bronze award.

Mr Hullett explained to the Earl of Wessex how successful the DoE is at Raine’s with nearly 20% of students taking part. Later the Earl presented Ms Venn with her Diamond pin for completing her challenge which involved climbing Mt Blanc in France.

Raine’s students served the Earl coffee and chatted with him about their DoE adventures. Mr Hullett said he “was proud of all the students and Ms Venn for what they have achieved”




Sixth Form Open Evening

Wednesday, November 16, 2016 from 5:00 PM to 7:00 PM

Open Days are an important and valuable opportunity to meet teachers, other staff and current students, and to find out more about the courses, support and facilities available. They are also a good way to generally ‘get a feel’ for the sixth form.

 Please research the courses thoroughly as it is important that you make the appropriate choice of programme and subjects.

 At our Open Day you will be able to:

•Attend presentations on courses and subjects

•Listen to the Head of sixth form talk

•Discuss your course choices and find out course requirements

•Drop in to subject areas to ask questions

•Meet teachers and current students

•Look around our buildings, classrooms and facilities


Click here to book your place


Kew Gardens Reward Trip

Students visited Kew Gardens as a Reward Trip. Everyone had a great day and found out a lot about the value of rainforest ecosystems and the role of bees in providing the planets food supply. 





If you’re a former student of Raine’s Foundation School, we want to hear from you!

Your experiences since leaving could help to motivate and inspire our current students to feel more confident in making decisions about their future. We’d love you to join our alumni network and stay connected with the school.

We’ve partnered with the national education charity Future First, who specialise in helping schools like ours to stay connected with their former students.

You can choose how and when you help – perhaps you could act as a career and education role model, provide work experience, become a mentor in person or online or help with donations, fundraising or even apply to become a governor!

It doesn’t matter when you left us, whether you’re in further education or employment, whether you still live nearby or have moved further away, there are still ways you can help and we would love to stay in touch.

In order to sign up, just follow this link and fill in the online form – it will only take a couple of minutes, we promise.


Founders Day

On the 22nd of September this year our brand new Year 7’s celebrated ‘Founder’s Day’.  Founder’s Day, as its name suggests encourages students to look back in time at the life of our esteemed founder Henry Raine.

The afternoon was spent at St George in the East Church where the tomb of Henry Raine has pride of place.  There was a church service led by Father Chris including songs and readings from students.  After the service all students and staff paid their respects at the tomb of Henry Raine.  Father Chris said a prayer and a reef was laid by students.

This event is held every year and is a great way of ensuring the good work of Henry Raine is not forgotten.  This year was the first time students had attended ‘Founders Day’ in our new, improved school uniform. 


Coach Maria Ingles Interviewed by Table Tennis England

Table Tennis England interviewed our Head Table Tennis Coach Maria Ingles, about her success in recruiting a new wave of Girls into the sport. Maria has worked at Raine’s for 3 years and our Girls are currently Borough champions at all Age groups.

On clicking the link below, if you scroll through to Page 4 you will see the interview alongside a picture of Maria with Jaynath at a recent regional competition

Click here to read the article


Raine’s GCSE Results

Well done to Raine’s students who performed well. 16 students achieved 3 A*/A or more. The following students did exceptionally well;

• Ashraf Ahmed 8A* and 4As
• Caitlyn Warren 7A* and 5As
• Ruby Head 5A* and 7 As
• Mohammad Kabir 4A* and 4As


The main subject highlights and headlines are;
1. Art with 33% A/A* and 100% pass rate
2. Biology did well with 30 % A/A*
3. Business studies with 89% pass rate
4. Chemistry with 98% pass rate
5. Drama 75% pass rate
6. Fashion with 33% A/A* and 78% pass rate
7. Further Maths with 33% A/A* and 100% pass rate
8. IT with 82% pass rate.
9. PE with 20% A/A* and 94% pass rate
10. Spanish with a 80% pass rate

Enrolment into Year 12 takes place on Tuesday 6th September.

Come in and see Mr Childs or Ms Chandler to discuss your choices and receive your timetable.


Raine’s A-Level Success

Raine’s students received an excellent set of A level results with a pass rate of 98% A*-E. Particular success was enjoyed in Psychology with a pass rate of 75% A*-B, Sociology 70% A*-B, Geography and Philosophy 67% A*to B.

Two students have secured a place at Cambridge this year. Ben Adams achieved A*A*A*A and will read History. Lucia Estephane took a gap year from her studies this year will read Geography.

Congratulations to Ellie Davis who well as achieving excellent a level results A*A*AAB has also been awarded the Michael Warren Stem bursary from The Education and Bustiness Partnership to study Medical Sciences and Exeter.

Rob Hullet Acting Head Teacher says ‘We are proud of our students at Raine’s.  Many of them go to Russell Group universities but we also have students attending a wide range of destinations.’



Single photo

Ben – Cambridge University


Group photo (left to right)

Ellie – Exeter University  -Medical Sciences

Jordan – University of Liverpool – Psychology

Tilly – City University Midwifery

Leon –  University of Sussex -  Business and Management

Raymar – Leeds University - Sport and Exercise Science

Philip –University of  Sussex - Mathematics

Harry – Portsmouth - Economics






BTEC 2 Product Design Students were set a Design Brief called “Upcycle” in year 11 as part of their coursework at Raines Foundation School, Bethnal Green, London E2 9LY 

Lisa Kerr the Head of Design & Technology explains that students were encouraged to design sustainably and to combine recycling, repurposing, reassembling, and redesigning items that appealed to them on a personal basis.

Students were encouraged to use their own passions and interests as a source of inspiration too. 

Students had to make something that was needed and that functions. As part of the viability study, students had to test the products and get consumer feedback on their designs.

Ewan won this competition easily by totally fulfilling the brief with his Hockey Sticks Chair.  Ewan has showed such promise over the years and has become an amazing furniture designer. He has the rare ability to conceptualise quirky, fun, and functional furniture.

As you can see from the photos Ewan is a Hockey enthusiast and he has utilised all his passion into this design. 

This Chair could be used in a trendy office, an Urban Pad, or a purposeful spectator bench at the Hockey Pitch.


Well Done Ewan


Up-cycling Hockey Stick Chair by Ewan Turner


This project on up-cycling was great as it was right up my street.

My Dad invented a newspaper stixx rolling machine in the 1990’s, I grew up making and designing. I made a You Tube video of one of my Dads Up- Cycling designs, a 'Plastic bottle windmill” which has now got over 50,000 views.

I am passionate about Hockey. I thought, what about making a chair from old hockey sticks. I sketched some ideas, cut out a load of scaled sticks in MDF on a fret saw and glue gunned them together into a model.

My Dad gave me some advice on the structure and I copy routed some full sized 18mm birch ply sticks, I held the sticks together with12mm stud and wing nuts.

It was really hard to work out the sequence of sticks, spacers and legs.

I am really pleased with the design and would love to get sponsored by a manufacturer or secure an ethical contract to up-cycle old hockey sticks, to make the real version.

I would donate 2 of the Chairs to my Hockey Club and 1 to my school.  This project has really inspired me to continue to design furniture sustainably. Sport & Sustainability I think, it’s a winning combination!


Ewan Turner –

Year 11 BTEC 2 Product Design Student


NUT Strike

Please see attached letter regarding Industrial Action Tuesday 5th July.

Click here to read letter.


Admissions Policy 2017-18


New admissions policy with scholarships on offer:

Click here to download policy document


New Uniform

Raine’s is getting new uniform – the background to this

Governors and leadership of the school wished to sample views on changing the school uniform over Easter, this was due to opinions being raised about a dislike of part of the present uniform and our view that in some cases it isn’t being worn with pride.

A survey was completed by a large number of parents and students (Over 300) over Easter regarding ideas around a new uniform.  The views were firmly in favour of changing the uniform in a number of ways.  These views echoed what students told us in our student voice conference held in lower school.

Since the survey Governors have agreed to push on with a number of suggested changes.  Please note that these changes are being made for next years’ Year 7 students.  We do not expect all students who are in other year groups to move to the new uniform, however should they wish to do so we would not prevent this.

The proposed changes are as follows:

Girls to wear a black pleated skirt or black trousers.

-New Blazer to be worn by both boys and girls. Girls blazer will be fitted, both blazers will have the Raine’s blue as a trim and will have a different logo to the one on the present blazer, this logo replicates, far better, the original logo of the school.

-Black V neck jumpers for both boys and girls.

-A new tie that is clip on to be worn by both boys and girls.

-White shirt for both boys and girls.

The aim of the new survey on the website is to gauge numbers of present students who would be considering changing to the new uniform next year.  Having these numbers will allow our uniform supplier ‘Khalsa’ to have the right amount of stock.

We will be expecting new Year 7’s to have the new uniform, in order to ensure all of the blazers are not snapped up by other students I would like parents not to purchase this until after the start of term next year in September. Images of new uniform available from Monday 6th of June. 



Breaking news…

Governors at the meeting on Tuesday 24th have approved an exciting plan to redevelop the lower school site into a modern Sixth Form Centre.

The new facilities will include a café, lecture theatre and gym as well as a number of new specialised rooms.  We plan to cater for 400 sixth form students in the future.  Plans will now be submitted to the Local Authority and we hope work would commence sometime in the next academic year.

This fantastic project provides us with the opportunity to educate years 7-11 on one site.

From September 2016 new year 7 and our current year 7 and 8 will move to the upper school site in Approach Road.  Due to our year groups being small we can accommodate all years comfortably on one site until the sixth form moves into their wonderful new building.

This is a very exciting period for Raine’s.

In addition to this development we have a new uniform for the new year 7 starting in September (optional for all other year groups) and a recent OFSTED monitoring visit was very successful.  More details will follow once the final report is published.

Good times lay ahead for Raine’s Foundation school.

Yours sincerely,


Rob Hullett


Download Newsletter


Under 16s Basketball Nomination

Our under 16 Basketball team have been nominated for Tower Hamlets School team of the year at an upcoming Borough awards evening that will be hosted by ex professional sports men, Trevor Sinclair and Alec Stewart.


The Under 16s (Y11s) won the Borough Basketball tournament without losing a game and got to the final 4s London regional finals losing to the eventual winners in the Semi Finals and coming 3rd overall.

THYSF Award Nominee Letter




Celebrating the work of 28 teachers across the borough, THAT’s first collective exhibition showcases the range of artists and disciplines as well as the broad skillset of Art teachers working in the East End of London.  Promoting Arts Education at a time when the Arts are under serious threat, this show aims to highlight the importance of creativity in education and the pivotal impact of art teachers investing time in feeding their own practice in order to be inspired practitioners who teach at the cutting edge.


Tower Hamlets Artist Teacher Network was formed in December 2013 to encourage collaboration, share skills and resources and plan subject specific CPD currently not offered in schools to Art teachers and other educational practitioners. Making time for this is crucial in an era where teachers are so swamped in admin and pastoral care they have limited time to even plan lessons, let alone develop their own practice.  The artist-teacher collective meet triennially in art departments across the borough to collaborate and share subject specific CPD, skills and resources to ensure that teachers are inspired in their own practice and therefore deliver the best possible arts education for their students.


Please join us for the Private view of THAT SHOW 2016…


Show times: Open daily from 3rd-6th February 2016 (10-6PM)

Private view: Thursday 4th February 2016 (6-8PM)




Four Corners, 121 Roman Road, Bethnal Green, London, E2 OQN

T: 020 8981 6111


For more info about THAT network see:


Twitter: @Thatnetworklondon  / Website:



Raines Foundation Students Takeover Dalston

BTEC Fashion and Textiles students from Raines Foundation School were introduced to some of the ethical issues that the fashion industry currently faces during one of TRAID Education’s Sustainability in Fashion talks. Following a broad overview of the global supply chain looking at working practices, resource use, consumption, disposal and responsibilities of stakeholders, students were given the context to a live open brief to look at some solutions and work creatively and exclusively with textile waste. The group of BTEC Level 3 students were shown the work of designers offering different design responses to waste textiles before being given an unwanted men’s shirt to upcycle as part of their design task ‘Metamorphosis’.

Read full article here


Appointment of New Governor

Appointment of new Foundation Governor by Tower Hamlets Deanery Synod
Raine’s Foundation School is pleased to announce that Tower Hamlets Deanery Synod has appointed Ms Tracy McCormack of London E2 as a Foundation Governor of the school. Ms McCormack’s appointment is from 12 November 2015 until 11 November 2019. We welcome her and congratulate her on her appointment.


Sixth Form Open Evening

On Thursday 12th November the sixth form will be holding an open evening in the upper school building. It is our opportunity to tell you what we have to offer and your opportunity to meet sixth form teaching staff and students. All departmental areas will be show casing their subjects and staff and students will be available to answer any questions you may have.

Raine’s is an over scribed sixth form, consistently achieving high standards and results. Last year 75% of students achieved A*-C (including A-level & Btec) We pride ourselves on providing personal support and opportunities to challenge young people. The continuity that Raine’s offers students, and the ethos of a close-knit community, produces young people who developed a personal responsibility and awareness that is a credit to both themselves and to the structure of the Sixth Form at Raine’s.

I look forward to providing guidance and academic support for your child. If you have any questions or queries please don’t hesitate to contact me either email or by phone on 02089811231.


Exam News 2015


During the past 12 months staff and pupils have worked very hard to improve the school’s overall GCSE results. This effort has been rewarded with an 8% improvement in the school’s overall attainment, 53% of our pupils achieved 5A*-C (including English and maths). I was also pleased to see a 22% improvement in pupils achieving the English Baccalaureate. The Ebacc is a performance measure, rather than a qualification, awarded when students achieve A*-C in five core GCSE subjects.

Results in English (66% A*- C) and maths (65% A*-C) are expected to be above national average (based on 2014 figures) and we saw a significant rise in the number of pupils achieving A*- C in two sciences (60%) which was up 20% on 2014.

The following subjects improved on their 2014 A* – C grades:

Additional Science (+36%)

Biology (+31%)

Chemistry (+17%)

Computer Science (+34%)

Drama (+6%)

Geography (+9%)

IT (+ t.b.c.)

Maths (+7%)

Physics (+17%)

Sociology (+2%)


55% of our pupils achieved A*- C in both English and maths, 9% up on 2014.

These results are an excellent platform for further improvements in 2016. We congratulate all our pupils but special mention goes to the following who have achieved some outstanding overall grades:

Taher Khan         12 A*-B (including 7A*)

Taja Boodie        12 A*-B (including 7A*)

Tanbir Kabir        11 A*-B (including 5A*)

Tobo Lawal         11 A*-B (including 5A*)

Meron Ayele     11 A*-B

Benz Sangsuwan  11 A*-B

Jessica Thomas11 A*-B

Umma Habiba   10 A*-B

Edward Turner  9 A*-B

Oluwadamilola Oshidele 8A*-B


A level Results

We have also seen significant improvements in our A level results, this year. Our results have built on the success of 2013 and 2014. This year we had 42% more pupils studying A levels at Raine’s in our very successful sixth form. We saw an increase in pupils achieving 3 A levels and also an increase in those achieving AAB grades in, what are considered, the more academic subjects.

“The whole Raine’s community has worked very hard to improve this year’s examination results. I am therefore delighted with the 8% improvement in the headline figure of 53% 5A*- C including English and maths. However in addition to this 10 of our GCSE subjects have improved on their 2014 performance. Improvements in science results, across the board, are particularly pleasing”

John Bradshaw

Head teacher


Moving up Year 7 to Year 8

Supporting Learning - Key Stage 3 English


Year 7 & 8 parents and students attended a supporting learning workshop on Thursday 16th April 2015.

Parents and students experienced a micro English lesson and explored learning strategies.  Miss Martin (Key Stage 3 English Coordinator) attended.


The workshop was a chance for children to look at ways of improving their learning and for parents to find out how to support their child effectively.  The workshop was also an opportunity to get information on the English curriculum.  


It was a good event with very positive feedback from parents and students.

For more details on future supporting learning workshops contact:

Ms Ogazi (Parent Support Partner)


Telephone:  07506 607 415


Pierre Rolle wins a live industry brief at Victoria and Albert Museum!

Pierre Rolle wins a live industry brief at Victoria and Albert Museum!

Earlier this year, 6th form Graphics students entered the Victoria and Albert Museum’s Graphic Gathering competition and for the second year running, one of our students was the overall winner, beating 12 other schools!


The brief was to design a graphic for a tote bag to be sold in the Victoria and Albert Museum shop. Students were required to produce a design with broad unisex appeal and use an illustrative or a typographic solution.


The competition preparation involved a research trip to the Victoria and Albert Museum where the students were briefed by the V&A team, conducted primary research and took part in an illustration workshop.  Back at school, the 6th formers looked at the brief in their lessons, developing initial ideas and creating their own responses.


Victoria and Albert Museum selected two runners up and one winner from each school, with Yusuf Ilyas and Kiril Makarenko selected as Raine’s runners up and Pierre Rolle the winner. Pierre had the opportunity to present his work to the Victoria and Albert Museum panel made up of designers and the buying team, as well as an audience of other participants. He talked them through his inspirations, methods and creative thinking. The panel were very impressed with his creative flair and successful response to the brief.


The design is currently with the design and buying team at Victoria and Albert Museum, with the bag due to be sold in the museum shop in June. This is a fantastic achievement and an incredible exposure for a very talented student who is looking to study Graphic Design at University!


Ms Kevric

Graphics Teacher