New Uniform

27th May 2016

Raine’s is getting new uniform – the background to this

Governors and leadership of the school wished to sample views on changing the school uniform over Easter, this was due to opinions being raised about a dislike of part of the present uniform and our view that in some cases it isn’t being worn with pride.

A survey was completed by a large number of parents and students (Over 300) over Easter regarding ideas around a new uniform.  The views were firmly in favour of changing the uniform in a number of ways.  These views echoed what students told us in our student voice conference held in lower school.

Since the survey Governors have agreed to push on with a number of suggested changes.  Please note that these changes are being made for next years’ Year 7 students.  We do not expect all students who are in other year groups to move to the new uniform, however should they wish to do so we would not prevent this.

The proposed changes are as follows:

Girls to wear a black pleated skirt or black trousers.

-New Blazer to be worn by both boys and girls. Girls blazer will be fitted, both blazers will have the Raine’s blue as a trim and will have a different logo to the one on the present blazer, this logo replicates, far better, the original logo of the school.

-Black V neck jumpers for both boys and girls.

-A new tie that is clip on to be worn by both boys and girls.

-White shirt for both boys and girls.

The aim of the new survey on the website is to gauge numbers of present students who would be considering changing to the new uniform next year.  Having these numbers will allow our uniform supplier ‘Khalsa’ to have the right amount of stock.

We will be expecting new Year 7’s to have the new uniform, in order to ensure all of the blazers are not snapped up by other students I would like parents not to purchase this until after the start of term next year in September. Images of new uniform available from Monday 6th of June.