Member of Parliament Visits Raine’s

16th March 2018

We want to share with everyone involved with Raine’s our delight that Rushanara Ali the MP for Bethnal Green and Bow took time out of her busy schedule to pay us a visit on Friday 9th March.

Rushanara as she insisted we call her met with Mr Hullett, Mr Metcalfe and members of our prefect team as well as some of our scholars from Year 7.  Rushanara was only due to be with us for one hour however she managed to stay for one hour 40 minutes.  In this time she inspired all present with stories of her journey towards becoming and MP.  The school had been asked to provide Rushanara with a number of questions before her visit.  These questions were thought of by the students and showed clearly how mature and intelligent our students are, some of the questions asked were as follows:


Ishrath Arafin – “How do you become an MP?”

Soufiane Belaatel – “How are decisions about London made by MP’s?”

Viktoria Juhnerica – “How do you think schools in the UK are doing and how do you think they could be improved?”

Christ Amlai – “Do you think the defence budget should be increased or decreased?”

Tayo Magbagbeola – “If you could improve the school system how would you do so?”

Anastasia Boffardi – “Why did you choose to be an MP?”

Holly Bo Hutton – “How important are you?”

Daniel Richy Mungano – “What is your opinion on Brexit and how do you think trade will be affected?”

Amy Hollier – “Have you found it difficult getting to where you are, being a woman?”

Jahrel Morgan Hardware – “Is there any discrimination in parliament?”


The visit ended with Rushanara inviting the students to visit Parliament in the summer term.  We are incredibly excited about taking her up on this offer and look forward to sharing news on this in the coming months.  All in all this was a fantastic experience for staff and students alike.