Exam News 2015

20th August 2015


During the past 12 months staff and pupils have worked very hard to improve the school’s overall GCSE results. This effort has been rewarded with an 8% improvement in the school’s overall attainment, 53% of our pupils achieved 5A*-C (including English and maths). I was also pleased to see a 22% improvement in pupils achieving the English Baccalaureate. The Ebacc is a performance measure, rather than a qualification, awarded when students achieve A*-C in five core GCSE subjects.

Results in English (66% A*- C) and maths (65% A*-C) are expected to be above national average (based on 2014 figures) and we saw a significant rise in the number of pupils achieving A*- C in two sciences (60%) which was up 20% on 2014.

The following subjects improved on their 2014 A* – C grades:

Additional Science (+36%)

Biology (+31%)

Chemistry (+17%)

Computer Science (+34%)

Drama (+6%)

Geography (+9%)

IT (+ t.b.c.)

Maths (+7%)

Physics (+17%)

Sociology (+2%)


55% of our pupils achieved A*- C in both English and maths, 9% up on 2014.

These results are an excellent platform for further improvements in 2016. We congratulate all our pupils but special mention goes to the following who have achieved some outstanding overall grades:

Taher Khan         12 A*-B (including 7A*)

Taja Boodie        12 A*-B (including 7A*)

Tanbir Kabir        11 A*-B (including 5A*)

Tobo Lawal         11 A*-B (including 5A*)

Meron Ayele     11 A*-B

Benz Sangsuwan  11 A*-B

Jessica Thomas11 A*-B

Umma Habiba   10 A*-B

Edward Turner  9 A*-B

Oluwadamilola Oshidele 8A*-B


A level Results

We have also seen significant improvements in our A level results, this year. Our results have built on the success of 2013 and 2014. This year we had 42% more pupils studying A levels at Raine’s in our very successful sixth form. We saw an increase in pupils achieving 3 A levels and also an increase in those achieving AAB grades in, what are considered, the more academic subjects.

“The whole Raine’s community has worked very hard to improve this year’s examination results. I am therefore delighted with the 8% improvement in the headline figure of 53% 5A*- C including English and maths. However in addition to this 10 of our GCSE subjects have improved on their 2014 performance. Improvements in science results, across the board, are particularly pleasing”

John Bradshaw

Head teacher