Religious Studies at Raine’s Foundation School is a rigorous academic subject. The provision at the school enables students to respond to personal, spiritual and moral questions that face us all as human beings. The department aims to engender mutual tolerance, understanding, openness and an appreciation of diversity. Our subject deals with the ‘deeper’ issues of life and helps students to become more adept at independent thinking and encourages them to think critically, creatively and with sensitivity.


Katie Morrison – Head of Religious Studies and Philosophy


Sazrin Begum – Teacher of Religious Studies



What do you study in Year 7?

Topic 1 Big questions e.g. How was the world created?

Topic 2 Hinduism

Topic 3 Sikhism

Topic 4 Buddhism

Topic 5 Judaism

Topic 6 Christianity

Topic 7 Islam


Year 8 – Christianity

Topic 1: The life of Jesus

Topic 2: Miracles and teaching of Jesus

Topic 3: The Christian Church


Year 9 - 

During this year, the topics take a more in-depth look at world faiths, conflict and those who inspire:

Topic 1: World religions (Christianity, Islam, Judaism, Sikhism, Hinduism, Buddhism).

Topic 2: Rites of Passage

Topic 3: Peace and Conflict

Topic 4: Aspirational Figures.






Year 10:

Edexcel GCSE Religious Studies Unit 1: Religion and Life based on the study of Christianity and Islam.

Topic 1: Marriage and Family

Topic 2: Believing in God.

Topic 3: Matters of Life and Death

Topic 4: Community Cohesion.


Year 11: 

Edexcel GCSE Religious Studies Unit 8: Religion and Society based on the study of Christianity and Islam

Topic 1: Rights and Responsibilities

Topic 2: Environmental and Medical Issues

Topic 3: Peace and Conflict

Topic 4: Crime and Punishment



Year 12

AQA Religious Studies


Unit 1 – Ethics

Topic 1 – Utilitarianism

Topic 2 – Situation Ethics

Topic 3 – Abortion and Euthanasia


Unit 2 – Philosophy of Religion

Topic 1 – The Cosmological Argument

Topic 2 – Religious Experience

Topic 3 – Atheism and Postmodernism


Year 13: 

AQA Religious Studies


Unit 3 – Ethics

Topic 1 – Free will and determinism

Topic 2 – Virtue ethics

Topic 3 – Science and technology


Unit 4 – Life, Death and Beyond

Topic 1 – Nature and Value of Human Life

Topic 2 – Eschatology and Apocalypse

Topic 3 – The importance of this life and life beyond death

Topic 4 – Beliefs about death and beyond