Why study Philosophy?

Philosophy is the fascinating search for the truths that lie behind everything. In this subject, we try to understand the answers to some of life’s biggest questions: What does right and wrong mean? What can we really know? What is truth? Is there a meaning behind everything? Philosophy is for anyone who wants to know what’s really going on, the ones who suspect that life might not be how it seems… Philosophy is one of the world’s oldest subjects; it is the sum total of the wisdom of humanity. As such, it provides students with the greatest regime of mental discipline that history has created. Students of this discipline will be encouraged to explore avenues of their minds they had never thought possible. It also helps develop debating and discussion skills, and allows you to understand the way other people think…and yourself.


Katie Morrison – Head of Religious Studies and Philosophy



Over the two year course we will introduce students to the key methods and concepts in philosophy through the study of four broad themes. Students are examined at the end of the year as there is no coursework.

Year 12:

  1. Epistemology (The study of knowledge)
  • Perception: What are the immediate objects of perception?
  • The definition of knowledge: What is propositional knowledge?
  • The origin of concepts and the nature of knowledge: where do ideas/concepts and knowledge come from?


  1. Philosophy of Religion: What is God like?
  • How can we prove God exists rationally? 
  • The concept of God: Is the concept of God coherent?
  • Arguments relating to the existence of God:
  • How can a watch prove that God exists? 
  • Religious language: Is religion like maths?

Year 13:

  1. Ethics (How should I act? What rules shall I follow?)
  • Ethical theories: How do we decide what it is morally right to do?
  • Ethical language: What is the status of ethical language?


  1. Philosophy of Mind (What is the Mind-Body problem?)
  • The mind–body problem: What is the relationship between the mental and the physical?
  • What are philosophical zombies?