Physical Education and sport, regardless of age, gender, injury, ability or size, is for everyone. The physical benefits and social skills learnt through a practical setting are immense and should not be restricted by the aforementioned categories.

In the practical environment of physical education students have the unique opportunity to learn and enhance simple and complex motor skills, both in game settings and individual sports, while learning life defining interpersonal skills such as co-operation, confidence, communication and leadership potential.

The varied physical education settings are an opportunity for students to increase their self-esteem, install a sense of pride in successes, and strive for personal improvement and attainment in all areas of the curriculum.


Mr. D. Patten (Head of PE)

Ms. A. Boller (Head of Girls PE)



KS3- Students currently study:


An assessment from KS2 to measure and ensure real progress over the time the student is at Raines Foundation School


With the help of our in-house Greenhouse Basketball coach students are given quality teaching and coaching

Table Tennis

With the help of our in-house Greenhouse Table Tennis coach students are given quality teaching and coaching.


Street dance units led by the Royal Academy of Dance during PE lessons.


Students are taken to Mile End stadium to work on all things track and field.


We use the best facilities in the Borough at Mile end Climbing wall to ensure students are given the best outdoor education possible.



We currently have 4 onsite Badminton courts. It is a very popular sport amongst our students.



We currently have 6 Trampolines across the two School sites, all staff are fully trained to deliver quality trampolining lessons.


KS4- We currently offer Edexcel BTEC Sport (Certificate) Students are given 6 lessons to complete the BTEC. Lessons are usually split into 2 practical lessons, and 4 classroom based theory lessons. The work load is 80% Coursework and 20% examination (10% per exam). All students still have compulsory core PE


KS5 – We currently offer Edexcel BTEC Sport Certificate and Extended Diploma. Students are given 12 lessons in Year 12 and 10 in Year 13 to complete 12 units of work. The workload is 100% Coursework and is supplemented by Practical lessons.

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