Music has a special place in the heart of Raine’s Foundation School. The benefits of studying music are scientifically proven to help with language, memorizing, confidence, coordination and staying engaged at school. Raine’s considers it of great importance to nurture each student no matter what his or her previous experience of music.


Miss F. O’Leary




The skills developed throughout Year 7-9 give a good musical understanding for students to progress to GCSE. The schemes of work are varied between practical and using Garageband/Logic Pro X software on Mac computers to encourage music technology and live music.


Year 7 (one hour lesson a week)


Year 8 (on rotation – two hour lessons a week)


Year 9 (one hour lesson a week)



GCSE music – Exam Board EDUQAS (WJEC).


GCSE music is an opportunity to study music in greater depth and learn various genres of music. The ability to be able to play a musical instrument Grade 3 standard (voice and rap included) is a necessity to study this course.


Content of the course:


Performance 30% (Total 4-6 minutes):


1 solo performance on a musical instrument

1 Ensemble performance (2 instruments performing together)

Composition 30% (Total 3-6 minutes):

1 ‘free’ composition in any style

1 ‘brief’ composition set by the exam board


Examination 40% (Exam 1hr 30 minutes):

Listening examination, 8 questions in total.

2 questions on each area of study.


Area of Study 1: Musical forms and devices

Area of Study 2: Music for ensemble

Area of Study 3: Film Music

Area of Study 4: Popular music


RSL Music Practitioners Diploma Level 3


What will I study?

The Rockschool (RSL) Music Practitioners Subsidiary Diploma Level 3 is the equivalent of one A level and is the perfect route into the music industry as a performer, song writer, producer or management roles. The course consists of a number of units graded Pass, Merit and Distinction ranging from recording studio experience to live performing, event management and instrumental skills development. There are two compulsory units consisting of Planning a Career in Music and either Live Musical Performance skills/ a set of compositions you make on the computer/multi track recording. This last unit is marked externally by an examiner. All other units are marked internally and the grades moderated by the exam board.

You will need to be self-motivated, self-reliant and a good independent learner as the course is designed to set you up for a real career in the music industry.

How will I study?

Throughout the course you will complete 5 units of work which are all coursework based and internally assessed apart from one unit of work which is externally assessed by the examination board and held in January in Year 13. Grading is Pass (E), Merit (C) and Distinction (A).


Student View

“With the newly refurbished equipment of the music department. Music has become the most fascinating subject to me and everyone in my class in the entire school.

In class you can use your own creativity which other subjects do not allow you to do as much at this level of education. There are many opportunities for performances both in and out of school.

There are opportunities to visit inspirational music associations, record labels and universities to see where my music career can progress.”

Extra curricular

The music department is open for students to use the musical instruments and computers during lunch and after school (Open House). As well as this there are organised activities which students are invited to attend free of charge.


Upcoming Projects/Performances:


Spitalfields Big Sing May 2018

Raine’s Singers are currently involved in rehearsals with ‘Spitalfields Big Sing’. The final performance is on 10th May.


Urban Development Project Feb-March 2018

A group of students will be working with Urban Development to create their own music with a producer. This will then be placed on soundcloud.

Find out more: http://urbandevelopment.co.uk



Previous performances:


Christmas Concert December 2017.

Featuring Raine’s Singers, Year 7 Band, Solos and group performances from year 7- 6th form. Finale included St. Elizabeth Primary School, Year 5 students and St. John Primary School Choir. (Total raised for music equipment £418)


Raine’s Singers raising money for Providence Row-


December 2017 Raine’s Singers performed in East London for City workers during their lunch break to help raise money for homeless people over the Winter Season. The singers raised £182 in one hour. Super work!!


Raine’s Singers performing in the community –


December 2017 Raine’s Singers attended a service for the community at the Tabernacle Centre, Shoreditch. The group performed 2 songs to the audience and listened to liturgical readings relating to Christmas.


Drum Works in association with Raine’s Foundation School.


‘Drum Works uses drumming as a tool to inspire creativity, build social cohesion and empower young people to direct their own futures.’


Drum Works coaches will be leading rehearsals for year 7-10 starting 1st March 2018. This is an opportunity for students to have extra music lessons on drums and work as a team to eventually perform both in and outside of school.


To find out more: http://drumworks.co.uk



Special thanks,

The City Bridge Trust, City of London Corporation.

Thank you for providing the opportunity for Raine’s Foundation students to work with Drum Works through your Education Grant.