Staff Email Address

Below you can find the email addresses for members of staff you may want to contact directly. Please by advised that emails sent outside of term time may result in a delayed reply.  

Senior Leadership Team

Interim Headteacher

Mr. R. Hullett:

Deputy Headteachers

Mr. T. Metcalfe:

Ms. L. Swarbrick:

Assistant Headteachers

Mr. J. Childs:

Ms. K. Ayling:

Mr. M. Evans:

Heads of Learning

Head of Learning Year 7: Ms. E. Omo-Bare

Head of Learning Year 8: Mr. G. Leighton

Head of Learning Year 9: Mr. G. Jenkins

Head of Learning Year: 10: Ms. M. Martin

Head of Learning Year 11: Mr. A. Scantlebury

Head of Learning Year 12: Mr. J. Childs -

Head of Learning Year 13: Ms. S. Chandler -

Heads of Department

Maths: Mr. C. Finn -

English: Ms. L. Northey -

Science: Mr. M. Williams -

ICT: Ms. A. Nwaeze -

PE: Mr. D. Patten -

Design & Technology: Ms. L. Kerr -

Art: Ms. I. Khanum -

Business Studies: Ms. L. Cunningham -

History: Mr. R. Young -

Languages: Ms. M. Garrido -

Religious Studies: Ms. K. Morrison -

Geography: Ms. A. Dawson -

Drama: Ms. R. Darnell -

Sociology: Ms. R. Adams -

Psychology: Ms. S. Chandler -

Learning Support: Ms. K. Huxley -

ASDAN: Ms. C. O'Brien -

SchoolsPlus+ Venue Manager:


Behaviour Support Assistants

Art & Design



ICT / Business Studies



Mr. R. Young -

Mr. A. Lewis -



Learning Support



Cover Supervisor

Learning Support Unit

Music / Drama



Physical Education

Religious Studies


Office Staff

Mrs. A. Deady (Head's PA/Cover Manager) -

Mrs. J. Bradbury (6th Form Admin Assistant/Exams Officer) -

Mrs. H. Simmons (Inclusion Admin Asst.) -

Mrs. S. Chowdhury (Admin/Registrar/Home Support Worker) -

Miss C. Watkinson (Admin/Curriculum Development Asst) -

Ms. J. Morgan (Admin/Reception) -

Mrs. S. Naylor (Admin/Reception) -

Ms. D. Hudson (Librarian/Admin) -

Mrs. P. Zaman (Finance Manager) -

Mr. A. Lau (Data Manager) - 

Ms. A. Lawrence-Kandappa (Office Manager/HR) -




Elizabeth Wolverson - (Chair) Chief Executive LDBS -

Kate Roskell - LDBS Secondary Adviser -

Jodie Hassan - Associate Head at the Urswick School -

Jane Connolly - LBTH School Improvement Team -

Tim Williams - LBTH 11-19 (Sixth Form) School Improvement -

Rev Peter Bernhard - London Diocese -