Careers In Theatre

1st December 2016

In November, my GCSE drama class went to the Half Moon Theatre for a ‘Careers in Theatre’ experience. There were two other schools that took part along with a range of theatre professionals from the industry. When we arrived all of us took park in a series of warm-ups which helped us to settle in to the theatre and get to know one another. We were then split into groups - there were 5 groups 1.)Design, they took care of building the set 2.)Acting, they performed and wrote the script 3.)Sound, they created all the sound effects for the play 4.) Lighting, they put together all the lighting for the play 5.) Stage managers, they organized, watched over and managed each of the groups.

The area I was involved in was stage management and I enjoyed it, it was so rewarding to see the play at the end and say “I helped to make that”, the most challenging part for us was working around deadline because we had to be ready for a dress rehearsal at 4pm which meant all groups had to be ready. Overall and I think I speak for everyone when I say that our Careers in Theatre trip was a magical experience and I hope that next year 10 class can have the same wonderful opportunity.

By Stella Benjamin (Year 10)