The Trust

 Raine’s School Foundation

(Registered Charity number 312706)


Henry Raine was a wealthy brewer from Wapping; he was a pious Churchman, highly respected in the community. In 1719, Henry Raine allocated part of his wealth to found Raine’s Foundation School which was to provide and education for 50 boys and 50 girls from the local area.

Henry Raine died a rich man in 1738 and his wealth be invested for the benefit of Raine’s School and its pupils. In his will, Henry Raine also provided for two marriage portions of £100 to be drawn by lot each year for girls aged 22 and above who could produce certificates of good character from former masters and mistresses, and whose husbands were suitable members of the Church of England from the parishes of St George-in-the East. He specified that six small tickets or pieces of paper of equal size should be rolled and sealed up, in one of which should be written "the sum of one hundred pounds", the other five to be blank, and being all put into a tin canister for the draw – (the school still has the canister.) The Foundation stopped providing for marriages long ago, but now gives bursaries to former students to help them to continue their education.


Current Trustees are:


Mr Mark Taylor (Chair)

Ms Toni Fox-Bryant (Secretary)

Ms Carole Day

Mr Nick Baigent

Ms Tracey McCormack

Mr Tony Groves

Mr Jonathan Edwards