The Trust

 Raine’s School Foundation

(Registered Charity number 312706)


Henry Raine was a wealthy brewer from Wapping; he was a pious Churchman, highly respected in the community. In 1719, Henry Raine allocated part of his wealth to found Raine’s Foundation School which was to provide and education for 50 boys and 50 girls from the local area.

When Henry Raine died in 1738 he left a great deal of his money to the boys and girls schools he had founded during his lifetime, as a bequest in his will.

Initially the funds (the Foundation) were controlled by the school’s Board of Control who may well have also been, what we know today, as the School Governors. The Trust Act of 1882 changed this arrangement and the control of Henry Raine’s legacy moved to an independent body known as The Foundation Trustees or just The Trustees. The Trust is a registered charity and reports to The Charity Commission    ( ) annually on the state of the trust’s funds and the activities it has carried out to fulfil it charitable obligations towards the School.

The registered purpose or obligation of the Trust is to “Support the education of the students of Raine’s Foundation School” this is extended to support the education of Raine’s students, who have left, should they choose to continue their education in University.

Historically the main gift from the Trust was a dowry of 100 guineas, given annually to one of the young ladies from the school; this would be worth many thousands of pounds today when you consider that the average daily wage for an agricultural worker in the 18th century was 4 pence! The award was decided by a draw and those eligible would put their hand into a can and pull out a bead; whoever drew out the white bead would receive the dowry. Whilst the can is still in the possession of the school, the practice was stopped in the early 20th century. Today the Head Boy and Head Girl each receive a gift of £50.00 at the school’s Prize Giving ceremony.

In addition to these gifts the Trust pays the school for the Prizes which are awarded annually to students for academic and sporting achievement; this amounts to almost £1,500. Additionally, it awards three bursaries of £500 each to students at the school who have been offered places in University for the coming semester. 

The management of the school is delegated, by the Governors, to the Headteacher and his or her Senior Leadership Team. To assist them in providing academic support to the students and enhance the educational standards of the school the Trust makes funds available to the Headteacher for specific projects or programmes. The Headteacher is co-opted to the Trust and attends their termly meetings.

The Trust is also there to support Raine’s Foundation School students in times of hardship and makes small, individual grants, to help them.

Perhaps the most important function of the Trust are the Bursaries it gives annually to any student who is in University. The application form for a University Bursary is available by clicking here   


Students who wish to apply should note the following requirements:

• The closing date for all applications is 31st Applications made after this date will not be considered but this does not stop students applying again the following year.

• For initial applications, i.e. going to University for the first year, a teacher’s reference is required and will need to be obtained directly from the school; normally from the Head of Sixth Form.

• Grants in the first year are lower than for subsequent years as it is more likely that students will drop out of their studies during that time.

• Every year thereafter you will need to provide confirmation from the University that you are continuing with your course.

• Bursaries are announced in November once all applications have been assessed.

• The amount of the Bursary depends on many factors such as the number of applicants and the Trust’s disposable income that year.

• Bursaries are paid directly into your bank account. If you are successful you will be asked for these details.

• If successful you may be entitled to future awards as you progress through your course. To support any further awards, you will need to provide annual confirmation, from the University, that you are continuing with your studies.

Finally, in 2019, Raine’s Foundation School will celebrate its Tercentenary with a number of events and commemorative items. These will include a service at St Paul’s Cathedral in January that year, organised by the London Diocesan Board for Schools which will include representation from all of its 128 schools, at which Raine’s Foundation School will take a leading role. There will be another service at St Paul’s on 8th May 2019, organised by the Trust, just for the school and those closely associated with it.

If you have any questions about the Raine’s School Foundation Trust or its work in supporting the school please do not hesitate to contact us on:


Current Trustees are:


Mr Mark Taylor (Chair)

Ms Toni Fox Bryant (Secretary)

Ms Carole Day

Mr Nick Baigent

Ms Tracey McCormack

Mr Tony Groves

Mr Jonathan Edwards

Mrs. Jenny Head

Mr. Martin Ling