14th July 2016


BTEC 2 Product Design Students were set a Design Brief called “Upcycle” in year 11 as part of their coursework at Raines Foundation School, Bethnal Green, London E2 9LY 

Lisa Kerr the Head of Design & Technology explains that students were encouraged to design sustainably and to combine recycling, repurposing, reassembling, and redesigning items that appealed to them on a personal basis.

Students were encouraged to use their own passions and interests as a source of inspiration too. 

Students had to make something that was needed and that functions. As part of the viability study, students had to test the products and get consumer feedback on their designs.

Ewan won this competition easily by totally fulfilling the brief with his Hockey Sticks Chair.  Ewan has showed such promise over the years and has become an amazing furniture designer. He has the rare ability to conceptualise quirky, fun, and functional furniture.

As you can see from the photos Ewan is a Hockey enthusiast and he has utilised all his passion into this design. 

This Chair could be used in a trendy office, an Urban Pad, or a purposeful spectator bench at the Hockey Pitch.


Well Done Ewan


Up-cycling Hockey Stick Chair by Ewan Turner


This project on up-cycling was great as it was right up my street.

My Dad invented a newspaper stixx rolling machine in the 1990’s, I grew up making and designing. I made a You Tube video of one of my Dads Up- Cycling designs, a 'Plastic bottle windmill” which has now got over 50,000 views.

I am passionate about Hockey. I thought, what about making a chair from old hockey sticks. I sketched some ideas, cut out a load of scaled sticks in MDF on a fret saw and glue gunned them together into a model.

My Dad gave me some advice on the structure and I copy routed some full sized 18mm birch ply sticks, I held the sticks together with12mm stud and wing nuts.

It was really hard to work out the sequence of sticks, spacers and legs.

I am really pleased with the design and would love to get sponsored by a manufacturer or secure an ethical contract to up-cycle old hockey sticks, to make the real version.

I would donate 2 of the Chairs to my Hockey Club and 1 to my school.  This project has really inspired me to continue to design furniture sustainably. Sport & Sustainability I think, it’s a winning combination!


Ewan Turner –

Year 11 BTEC 2 Product Design Student